Top 10 Sex Scandals of the 2000s


On the dawn of the Year of The Tiger (February 14th), the staff at Coed (hu hu, hu, hu hu, he said, “Staff”) thought we’d take a look back at the 2,000s.  Oh how fast they came and went – and that was only Paris’ bed!  The 2,000s were definitely the decade of the sex scandal. So from Paris Hilton’s  sex tape to Tiger Woods’ harem of mistresses, here are the ten biggest sex scandals of a decade to remember.

I've always dreamed of Paris.

Paris Hilton Sex Tape
Hilton was responsible for the single most infamous sex tape out there, really started the celebrity sex tape craze, and used the whole thing to get really famous. Not bad for a night’s work.

Eliot Spitzer
While countless politicians have bought hookers, few have spent as much money on them while creating the toughest anti-prostitution regulations in the country in New York. The scandal also revealed Spitzer’s preference to have sex with socks on, an image many of us wish we could get out of our heads.

Mark Sanford
The first rule of cheating on your wife is to not draw any attention to yourself so no one imagined that when Mark Sanford dropped off the face of the earth for a week that he would be stupid enough to use the time to get laid. Alas, Sanford was not hiking the Appalachian Trail while being absent from running the state of South Carolina but in Argentina with his mistress. Another good rule of cheating on your wife, don’t go to other continents to do it.

Minnesota Vikings
While you always hear about athletes getting a little too grabby with women, it is rare that you see an entire team get in trouble for this. That is exactly what happened to the Vikings when a number of players were charged with sexual harrassment on a cruise that they had taken. The Love Boat it wasn’t.

Charlie Sheen
Despite being a big star and being married to Denise Richards, Charlie Sheen preferred the hookers. After divorcing Richards, Sheen disclosed that he has spent around $50,000 for 27 different prostitutes during their marriage.

James McGreevey
Ah, nothing better than a New Jersey sex scandal. Former Governor Jim McGreevey announced that he was gay, that he was having an affair, that he was guilty to corruption, and that he was resigning all in one fun afternoon in Jersey. As it turned out, McGreevey was having an affair with (and gave a government job to) a man that he and his wife had been having threesomes with. Nice.
McGreevey later wrote a book in which he revealed frequent visits to truck stops to pick up men.

Tiger Woods
After crashing his car in the middle of the night after not entirely known circumstances, it was revealed that Woods had been having a number of affairs while married to his Swedish model wife. As the days went on, a new mistress seemed to pop up every day. At last count, the richest athlete in the country had been allegedly cheating on his wife with at least eight women, two of which are porn stars.

Larry Craig
Undoubtedly the most hilarious one of these, strong family values Senator Larry Craig of Idaho was busted in an airport in Minnesota when he tried to solicit sex from an undercover cop. Craig pled guilty hoping to keep the case quiet but it isn’t every day that a Republican Senator tries to sleep with a man in a bathroom somewhere. Oh, wait…

John Edwards
When candidates run for President, they tend to stay on their best behavior. Not John Edwards. Edwards had an affair with and impregnated a third-rate celebrity news anchor while his wife was fighting cancer and he was trying to win the Democratic Primary. Stay classy, John Edwards.

Kobe Bryant
Although in our short memory span we have forgotten all about the Kobe debacle, America spent about a year watching the Kobe Bryant rape trial in which he was accused of raping a woman in a Colorado hotel. Kobe was found not guilty and bought his wife a $4 million ring to help her forget about the fact that he cheated on her, creating a phenomenon called “buying a Kobe ring” anytime an athlete buys his wife something worth as much as a really nice house.

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