Valentine’s Day Candy Guide

The Expensive – Godiva

Are you ready to drop $325 on Valentine’s Day Chocolates? (Me Neither!)  The Godiva tower includes a 140 piece gold Ballotin, 18 pc. Truffle Gift Box, 36 pc. Biscuit Gift Box, 27 pc. Dark Chocolate Assortment, 12 pc. Dark Truffle Gift Box, 15 pc. Milk Chocolate Assortment, 8 pc. Gold Ballotin, 4 pc. Truffle Gift Box, 4 pc. Gold Ballotin.  I don’t know what a Ballotin” is either but apparently they’re expensive and weigh quite a bit . . .which your girl may too once she gets through this treat (7 1/2 pounds!)

The Coolest – Dylan’s Candy Bar NYC

Hands down Dylan’s Candy Bar in NYC makes the greatest baskets for every candy lovers occasion.  A+ for presentation, plus Dylan’s in general oozes cool.  Thousands of name brand candies from the latest to the retro greatest.  If you hurry you can probably even get a customized basket with your girls childhood favorites!  Running out of time?  Buy 1 cool candy item and a card at CVS and explain in the card that they rest is being bundled at Dylan’s in NYC right now!  She’ll know you didn’t forget, and understand the wait was worth it when she sees their baskets!  Don’t forget Dylan’s also has candy inspired bath & body products which are the perfect addition to a Valentine’s basket!

Now should you be the total baller, or simply live near enough NYC that you don’t have to rent a jet, why not actually take your girl to Dylan’s for Valentine’s day! (You can also go to these other locations, but we’re biased to the NYC store) The place is the real life Candy Land!  It’s the closest real life will ever come to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!  If MTV decided to make the Wonka Factory the next “Real World” house – that’s Dylan’s!  It’s more than candy shopping too!  part museum, part candy bar, part cafe and dessert bar; you can spend hours reminiscing old treats and marveling at some of the new stuff.  If that doesn’t get you riled up to visit Dylan’s then listen to this.

The Peanut Butter-y Delicious

Jer’s Five Stack Peanut Butter Lovers Gift Tower with Ribbon
Jer’s Chocolate’s is Calling all PB Chocolate Lovers! Wow, the ultimate “everything” chocolate gift is The Five Stack peanut Butter Tower! It includes all of Jer’s product lines including all flavors of the chocolate covered brittle bites, all 4 flavors of the premium chocolate peanut butter bars and a classic box of chocolates which has 11 varieties.  This tempting 5 box tower includes an assortment of Jer’s original flavors in 1 lb., 4 oz. and 2 oz. beautiful Double Grin gift boxes and the full assortment of Jer’s new bars (8 bars, 4 flavors) and Chocolate Covered Brittle Bites (8 boxes, 4 flavors). And the best part . . .Gift ready!  just open the box and you can start gaining 10 pounds immediately! (They also have gifts under $20,but they’re just not as gluttonous, and we love gluttony almost as much as Lust so for us – it’s the 5 Stack!)

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