10 Amazing New Tech of the 2,000s

With the breakneck speed of technological advances that we saw in the first years of the 21st century, the 2000s have had some of the best new products released. From the iPod to the TiVo to a real alternative fueled car, this decade has been one of the most impressive. Here are the top ten products of the decade.

The new generation gaming systems have been nothing but impressive. Between amazing graphics, huge worlds to play in, and some of the greatest games of all time (like GTA 4, Modern Warfare, and Wii Golf). Of course, these are only REALLY good if used with the HDTV, mentioned below.
The XBox 360 does not make the list because nearly half of them break down and drive owners (including me) nuts with the red ring of death. It’d be an amazing game system if it worked.

It’s true, no matter what it is, there’s an App for that. Whether you are using an iPhone, a Blackberry, Droid, or anything else, there is an application that allows everyone to do anything in real time. Once again, these wouldn’t exist without another new product (the smartphone) mentioned below.

We have come a long way since the Zenith black-and-white TV with the two knobs. High definition television, and Blu-Ray which allows us to watch movies in HD quality has redefined television watching. Most people who have an HDTV would not be able to watch a regular television set ever again.

Tesla Motors Electric Car
This decade was the one that finally showed us that you could drive an electric car and not look like a douchebag. The Tesla Roadster gets 244 miles per charge and goes 0-60 MPH in under four seconds. Although current Tesla models are over $100,000, the company is coming out with some new models within a couple of years that will cost less than half of the current models.

Of course, you can’t drive your electric car if you do not know where you are going. No longer do men have to refuse to ask the gas station attendant for directions. Extra points for GPS systems that have a hot girl voice telling you where to go.

Remember having to tape television on a VCR tape? Well being able to record three shows at once while watching a completely different show if quite an advancement then, isn’t it?

Flash Drives
Remember floppy disks? I used to have stacks of these take up half my desk and each one could hold like three document files. Flash drives and external hard drives hold anywhere from 1 GB to several TBs of files.

iPhones, BlackBerries, and Palms have redefined not only phones but telecommunications and computing altogether. Any smartphone now has the capability to use the internet, watch movies and television, listen to music, and use thousands of different apps.

If music defines each generation, then our generation is easily defined as that of electronic music. Long gone are the days of CD collections much less vinyl album collections. iPods now have a seemingly unlimited amount of space and also let you watch television and movies on the go.

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