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The Girls Speak: 10 Outfits We Know You Love and How to Get Us in Them.


Alright guys, you have made your fantasies very clear to us ladies.  We’re born instinctually to know “What boys like and guys want”.  We’re sorry that some of us have resisted thus far, but some of the things you guys like make us feel a bit . . . uncomfortable at first.  So if you want a naughty Nurse to cure what ails you, or to join the mile high club in 2nd floor condo read on, and listen carefully.

Understand what we need

As a man, you cannot possibly understand the intricacies and image issues that enter our psyches when the scariest word in the English language happens:  Lingerie. We need you to open your ears. Put the beer down and listen in to the words that are coming out of our mouths (If only you spent half time time thinking about what comes out, that you do thinking about what you want to put in).  Forget, time, security, “but I paid $20 for the damn thing”  – none of that matters.  If your partner has issues with her tummy, don’t expect her to don a “Cut down to there” bra and g-string.  It’s always possible that with positive experiences, the ladies can be worked up to it.  With each new foray into this world, things can be kicked up a notch.  But the first rule you have to understand is take it   s l o w.
Some Girls Don’t do Garters & Thigh Highs Overnight
It takes every ounce of confidence in our beings to get into a slinky, lacy, barely there negligee, or unforgiving pair of bright orange short (the damn things only come in small and extra Small- who the hells idea was that!?!).   We hate our bodies on a good day, fully clothed.  So if this is her first experience dressing up with you;  take it slow.  This encounter could possibly set her mood on costumed consummation forever. Those girls who are more reserved and proper will need you to give your wild fantasies a break in the short term and opt for what I call the more “Cautious Camisole” or nighty.
Research her style
My boyfriend tells me that “Knowing is Half the Battle”, and he’s right whether he stole it from cartoons or

Also Snow White . . .but a leeeettle bit more revealing (that means A lot in Venusian)

learned it in college (like he tried to play on me).  Spend some time listening when she;s complaining in front of a mirror, or alone time exploring her lingerie drawer, including her everyday wear. Take note of the styles and colors she goes for. If you are not already in the know as to her underwear of choice, go through the unmentionables and check out her bras and bottoms.  You’re trying to figure out what she believes her “problem areas” are so that you can buy strategically around them.   Sir Mix-a-Lot might love a big butt, but that doesn’t mean his girl is going to wear a G string out of the shoe.  A good first step with a slow learner might be something that covers her butt, but leaves some area that she’s more comfortable with a bit more exposed.

The reality is that most of us would still be uncomfortable in a Burka, but never the less when we’re in love we do bend a little.  It’s your job to make sure you don’t snap us by pushing the the wrong outfits too quick.  So a girl that’s not thrilled with her butt or tummy, go for an outfit that can be a bit looser in the area like a Nurse or Flight attendant.  something a bit longer in the back (until it’s hiked up ;) that is) and with a little coverage in the front midsection.  A girl that’s sub conscious about her chest, go for something that keeps her cover up top, or that she can comfortable wear a push up bra with.   Strategic thinking like this makes us feel, “Hmm this isn’t so bad.  This could have been much worse!” – an important step in the right direction.
Ask for help
This is not asking for directions. Help in this department can be part of the whole experience. If you have learned what she likes and still are lost in the lingerie store, flag down the nearest associate. Since most stores hire women exclusively, she has one thing you don’t (besides the ability to think when boobs are present):  Girl sense.  If you relay the things you found in her drawers, the parts she avoids showing, and her style, she can easily point you to something you will both love. As your relationship progresses and your lady friend gains some confidence, ask for another kind of help: hers.  A shopping trip to the naughty where you can . . .possibly pick out something that she would like to wear together?  The asking is titillating in itself, and the trip to the store can be a great way get ideas to spice things up in the bedroom at home.  Just when you get there – again – Easy!  Let her lead.  Keep your attitude encouraging and positive, but most of all – be patient.  Here especially is the time to let her find her groove, while you play support.  “You would look amazing in that”, and “Honey I really love everything on you, but it’s more important to me that you’re comfortable” go a long, long way and will be well rewarded.
Some Ideas & Their Varying Degree of Spice:
1) Victoria Secret Model (Lingerie) – your girl can be the vixen of
the night with a set of Angel wings.
2) School Girl – she can be the class clown or Catholic school dropout.
3) French Maid – a feather duster can go a long way, especially as a prop.
4) Hooters Girl – many ladies will feel intimidated by the sheer white tank top, and super tight shorts. Tread carefully
5) Naughty Nurse – fantasies galore with a little nurse and patient in the bedroom, and the good news on this front is that it comes in so many variations.  You can find the Naughty Nurse to please almost any lady if you look hard enough.
6) Cheer leader – let her cheer you on in your arena, and if the short skirt is an issue, start with stretch pants or stocking underneath.
7) Hot Teacher – time for her teach you a few things.  Maybe now’s a good times to get answers to somw of those questions that you have in a playful manner.  be sure to call her Miss!
8) Playboy Bunny – Another one that might take a bit of a build up.
9) Flight Attendant – Coffee, tea or me is usually a good starting point.  Good coverage for both top and bottom.
10) PVC, Vinyl or Leather Sex Slave- Did you hear a word I said.  You need to chill.

Finally, make sure she enjoys herself.  You might think you’re girl looks irresistible and want to dive in like a crazed manic, and that’s fine we love when you can’t resist us, however especially when we’re going the extra mile so should you.  Rewarding me by showing me how sexually attracted to me you are is one thing.  getting me to remember it the other 23 hours in a day is another.  Do little things for us, whisper you love me in my ear for no reason, bring me flowers for nothing, and before you know it you’ll be coming home to a masquerade ball on a regular basis.  Just not today . . .

. . .or tomorrow. . . I really want to lose a few pounds first.  Then I’d be OK.  probably . . .

. . .see if only I could lose this right here . . .and here . . .and a little over here.

COED Writer