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Pick the Poker Hottie


Staying focused and analyzing your opponents are key elements to becoming a successful poker player – but what if your opponents become your main distraction?

Some of the best poker players in the world are experts on reading their opponents and gathering as much information from them as possible. They also have to learn not to ever forget a face and remember how they play. One simple, and well-proven, trick to remember a player’s game-type is to pick up on something characteristic for the player. It could be a toupee, a big nose, or, as in this case, a big pair of melons. Below you’ll find a short player profile connected to these Hold’em knockers just so you’ll know how to play if you ever encounter them at a live table.

Jennifer “The UnaBombshell” Tilly is maybe most famous for her 2005 W.S.O.P. NL Hold’em Ladies Event , which banked her a good $158,000, and of course the YouTube classic where she gives Patrik Antonius  an incredible amount of credit when checking down her full house. She is also famous for dating professional poker player Phil “Unabomber” Laak. But unlike her boyfriend, who’s got a sweet deal with one of the top online casino sites, these funbags are still unsigned. Anyway, lesson of today is that when it comes to Tilly, the tighter the top, the tighter she plays.

COED Writer