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Crashing The Playboy Mansion With The Buried Life (Insider Photos)


Dave’s face 20 seconds before #79: Deliver a Baby is crossed off their list, watch tonight at 10pm.

#6 on The Buried Life’s list of 100 Things To Do Before They Die is “Party at The Playboy Mansion.” Ben, Dave, Jonnie and Duncan didn’t have enough money for tickets so they came up with a plan to dress up as Oompa Loompas (it was Willy Wonka themed party) and hide in a giant ‘Trojan Cake‘ and deliver it to the Mansion. Jonnie and Dave dressed up as Oompa Loompas and hid in bottom, Duncan delivered cake saying it was a prop. The boys stayed in there for six hours, not making a sound, peeing in bottles. Finally they made their break, jumping out of the cake and running into the party. Playboy had no idea what happened. The guys had to ask Playboy’s permission to air the episode afterward with a handwritten letter to Hugh Hefner himself. Hugh read it and agreed to let them air the episode.

Photos taken by actual party-goes at thhe Manion that night surfaced on The Buried Life’s Facebook fan page, none are taken by TBL guys. These guys are legit. MTV doesn’t help them with anything on their list, they do this the same way they’ve been doing it for the past four years, on their own.

Make sure you tune in tonight as the guys take a crack at #79: Deliver a Baby and Dave almost loses consciousness on MTV at 10pm.

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