Valentines Guide: Bath & Body Gifts

On a good day passing Bath & Body Works in the Mall makes my nose itch.  On a bad day I could vomit, but chicks love this stuff.  Soaps, oils, skin what-not, it’s a fail safe “Never Go Wrong” on any occasion, so much so that I keep a few small generic baskets in the house just in case I forget a birthday, secretary day or some other manufactured holiday designed to screw me out of my hard earned cash.
So why struggle on Valentine’s Day?  The Bath and body gels deal is always a hit, and it doesn’t scream, “I want to marry you” (In fact, if you really dig into it, it may whisper, “wash up, you stink.”

Here are some fantastic choices for bath and body stuff for girls:

Dylan’s Candy Bar

Dylan’s is probably the ultimate Valentine’s Bath & Body gift.  With every girl on the planet worried about their weight, on a holiday synonymous with candy gifts, it takes the World’s Ultimate Candy Bar – Dylan’s – to beat the system.   Aside from the two options below, you can also call them directly and have them make a custom basket (from $50 – $150++) of Dylan’s candy inspired bath & body scrubs, gels, shampoos, soaps, lip balms and other crap chicks love.  Order their custom baskets here.
Re-Treat To-Go Lunchbox Gift Set

Dylan’s has a tote-ally candyfied gift set to-go!  Their Re-Treat Lunch Box comes packed with a Re-Treat Candy Butter Cream and Lip Saver in the flavor of your choice, along with three squares of Dylan’s delicious chocolates. It’s a sweet way to say, I Love You, Happy Valentine’s Day,  Thinking of You or simply – You stink!  Wash up with some candy scrub please.

Piece of Cake

Need the perfect valentine’s gift? Piece of cake! – no really, buy her this Bath and Body Piece of Cake.  Splurge on Dylans’s birthday cake batter Soda Pop Shower Gel, enriched with Vitamin E & aloe extracts & the vitamin-packed Body Smoothie Lotion. For the icing on the cake, they include a Candy Lip Saver, infused with natural beeswax & conditioning Shea butter.  Now here’s the best part – the stuff actually smells exactly like birthday cake!  I gave some to my girl and she was delicious!

Right now you can get 20% off Dylan’s RE-TREAT Products, so check it out right away!

This is a 1 ounce Package so it appears bigger here. It's awesome but not a stand alone gift - be warned!

I like Pure Romance products because the company’s niche seems to be women approved sex gels.  We’ll be talking about those in next weeks guide (Click here to see all the dates), but for now I’m going to mention some of their cooler Bath & Beauty items that can make a great gift.

Body Bling which is cool enough in name alone to be a great gift for the ladies 18-34 is bound to be a huge hit.  It’s basically body glitter, but it’s big advantages to other glitter products are that this stuff is both vanilla flavored, and edible.  At $13.50 it’s a score, just be warned that like the reverse passenger mirror, items on the Pure Romance website appear larger than in reality – for example this is a one ounce container – that’s like lip gloss small.  The good news is that the edible vanilla flakes of shimmering gold can be worn all day and nibbled off all night!  She’s accentuating the skin, you’re getting a light snack.  Win-Win.  Now I urge you to chub up with a few extra items or some flowers.  If it’s flowers you seek, check out the Flowers Guide here.  Otherwise, for more  Pure Romance Bath and Body Products, their products page can be found here.

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