Top Maury Videos: VISA Giftcard Winners!

Last week we asked users to send in their favorite Maury Povich videos and the two best submissions would win a $100 VISA Giftcard courtesy of eSmart Tax who plan on letting 2.1 Million people in the U.S. with the last name Johnson file their taxes for free this year! So if your name is Johnson feel privileged!

We had a few duplicates so to be fair the first person who submitted the videos won. Oh, and in my opinion this “you are not the father” video is clearly the winner but since I mentioned it in the original story so it doesn’t count!!

2: Helium Filled Nightmares

When Maury isn’t giving paternity tests or holding back laughter from 20 years of exploitation and getting paid for it, he’s revealing strange phobias of strange people. On this specific episode, Maury introduced ladies with phobias to mustard, birds, and pickles, and in the case we are about to show you: balloons. The woman is trembling in fear because of the possibility that the Hindenberg’s Nazi spirit is sure to show up right there in the Maury studio and is not helped when she becomes completely surrounded by colorful, helium filled nightmares.

Submitted by: Jim M., Orlando, Florida

1: The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Alycia and Paul(Pao?) are happily together, but it’s Alycia’s best friend Dominique that keeps getting in the way of their relationship. While Dominique is not the most handsome of women, she supposedly can cook a mean chicken tettrizini and is trying to seduce Alycia’s man with the tasty delight. Hilarity ensues:

Submitted by: Kaylee G., Cape May, NJ

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