Putting the X in seX


If you watched the X-Games last weekend, and by the looks of the ratings, you did – you would have noticed one important fact. When ESPN started the X-games way back in 1995 as a way of showcasing extreme sports such as snowboarding, skiing, and snowmobile tricks, they never took into account (or maybe those geniuses did) the bevy of beauties that this competition would attract. Please enjoy some of the talented beauties that you oogled in the 2010 Winter X-Games.

Sarah Burke

Sarah is a freestyle skier out of Canada and one of the most successful competitors in recent X-Games history. ESPN named her the Best Female Action Sports Athlete of 2007, but perhaps more important was the honor bestowed upon her by FHM Magazine in 2006. They named the three time X-Game gold medal winner as one of the sexiest women in the U.S, only problem is they had her kind of low at 91.


Chanelle Sladics

This California native is just what everyone dreams of when they think beach babe. After growing up hitting the waves in her native Newport she gradually grew to love the thrill of the slopes thanks to a handful of weekend trips to the mountains. Now she is one of the best snowboarders in the game and one of the hottest as well.


Tara Dakides

Tara is one of the premier snowboarders of the day. A former X-Games medalist and ESPN Snowboarder of the Year, she is perhaps better known for her body art. Like Sarah Burke, she too has made FHM’s list of 100 Sexiest Women (in 2004), but for some crazy reason they only had her at #90.


Torah Bright

At the tender age of 14 this young Aussie turned pro as a snowboarder. Representing her native land, she placed fifth at the 2006 Olympic Games. That year she also won silver at the Winter X-Games and became the first Australian to win gold at the X-Games in 2007. Here’s hoping that that we see much more of this young hottie in the near future.


Kristi Leskinen

FHM knows how to pick them I just have to wonder how they rate them. Kristi was one of their 100 Sexiest in 2005, coming in at #90. While smoking hot she is just as well known for her body as for her skills on the slopes. The X-Games medalist was the first women to pull off a rodeo 720—two rotations, head pointed to the earth.


Gretchen Bleiler

Looking to become an X-Gamer at a young age, Gretchen turned pro back in 1996 at the tender age of 15. The first woman to pull off a Crippler 540 in competition, she has gone onto to become one of the best snowboarders around winning medals at the Olympics and X-Games. We here at COED are just glad she likes to pose for pictures.

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