“LOST” is Found! 5 Reasons to Watch “Lost”

Tuesday, February 2, marks the final season premiere Lost. For five seasons, Lost has been teaching us important lessons on life, love, and the effects of electromagnets. There are countless reasons (okay, five) to watch Lost besides the entertainment value.

1. Learn plane crash survival strategies

The first five seasons of Lost have already taught us some valuable lessons on plane crash survival:  

  • Pick the hottest girl and stick with her – you never know when she’ll want to mess around in a polar bear cage
  • Shoot polar bears on site (their cages make good love dens)Find water (but preferably beer)
  • Cultivate mangoes and mystery
  • Be prepared to blow stuff up – you’ll need to keep yourself entertained
  • With this valuable knowledge, you’ll be able to turn your plane crash into a fun tropical getaway.

2. Learn about physics without the agony of class

Instead of suffering through countless formulas and inane experiments in a lab, you can learn about physics the right way – by watching your favorite characters travel through time. If you listen hard enough, some of Dan Faraday’s ramblings will even start to make sense.

3. Find out what the smoke monster is and/or how you can get one

They’ve been torturing us with this one for five seasons. What is the mysterious and sporadically violent beast? Will it be available on Petfinder.com once filming wraps? Can Paris Hilton keep one in her handbag? This season of Lost promises to clarify this issue.

4. Discover the anti-aging secrets of the others

Those people have looked suspiciously young even in the most distant flashbacks. What is their secret? Electromagnet therapy? Feeding on people’s souls? Tony Little’s Gazelle? Season six should answer these burning questions.

5. To tell your friends that you knew that was going to happen

There’s nothing more satisfying than being right. Maybe after the season airs, you’ll be able to flaunt your keen deductive skills and tell your friends, “I told you so.”

These theories might help you out on this (warning: may contain spoilers):

People Aren’t Real – by far the lamest set of theories. This category is comprised of two main theories:

  • The plane crash survivors died and are in purgatory
  • Someone (generally Hurley) is imagining all this

Experiment – The island is just one big experiment. The survivors of Flight 815 are like Daniel Faraday’s rats – being subjected to stimuli and monitored to see their responses.

Fate – This is a simple theory: everything happens because it was meant to happen.

The Loop – A very popular theory based on the notion of causal loops (ie, A leads to B, B leads to C, C leads back to A…cycles just keep repeating). Some are fighting to protect the loop while others are trying to end it.

There are several plausible theories that explain part of the mystery: Ethan, Movie-inspired, Random Theories, More Random Theories

Lost returns for its sixth and final season at 8 p.m. (ET) on Tuesday, February 2 — -TODAY!!. Will season six finally reveal what happens when you don’t stow your tray tables in a locked position?  Are you watching!?!?

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