Can You Hear Me Now? Good, Cancel My Landline.

Mister?! I got your cell phone booster! She's hurt real Bad.

Think of it like a serial killer for cell phone signals, ZBoost reaches out, grabs the outdoor cellular signal, and drags it into your home or car.  It works for cell phone, smartphone and wireless data cards.

Personally I’ve been waiting for something like this for a while – the ZBooster, not the serial killer – because I would rather use my cell phone all the time and dump the land line altogether.  The ZBoost worked for me, and set up in under an hour – which was less time than it took to cancel and disconnect my land lines – “For someone that will pretend to help you, Press 1.  For someone that you’ll have to explain what you want 18 times, Press 2, if you realize we’re screwing with you, Press 3” “If you have someone in a pit in your basement, Press 4” etc. etc.

Prices range from $180 to a price-y $400 bucks – a bit more than those $2.99 foil antenna decals, but then again if the ZBoost works for you, you’ll be able to save that much in just a few months of canceled land line service.

If you’re wondering if it will work for you, ZBoost offers a 30 day money back guarantee – but only if you order direct at .  There’s also a video of how to install the product here:

Option 2 is every morning wrap your entire head in aluminum foil, cut out the holes for the eyes, and you’re all set.

“It puts the foil on its head or else it gets the hose again.”

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