10 Hottest NFL Cheerleader Squads

As we reach the end of the NFL season, we learn to appreciate all that happens in football and how it can bring an entire nation together. A sports loving, gambling, and obsessed nation. It’s the ultimate man sport and features everything that a man is about: hard hits, legendary games, and leaving responsibilities behind for a day of relaxation. Football has it all and unlike many other sports: it even has women. I’m not talking about the kind of woman that you’re trying to get away from, I’m talking about this kind:

The cheerleaders. You won’t find many groups of hot women that love dancing and wearing waist-high skirts anywhere else besides the NFL. The best part is that it’s all free and it’s only semi-creepy to stare. With 32 NFL teams and 28 of them with cheerleader squads (what the hell Green Bay, Detroit, Chicago, and Cleveland), there can be only ten that crack this list, so break out the lotion and lock the door it’s the ten hottest cheerleader squads.

10.Carolina Panthers

I think I’ve made my point.

While the Carolina Panthers haven’t amounted too much besides a Super Bowl appearance in their 15 year history, they still have the cheerleader’s to back them up and the primary reason they have cracked the list is due to the traffic stopper to your left.

That’s not even the best part either, two cheerleaders, Angela Ellen Keathley and Renee Thomas, were caught in a nightclub bathroom having sex with each other. The police were called due to patron’s getting annoyed with the fact that the two were taking too long.

Now I’m not saying sex in public developments is the correct thing to do, but if it happens to be two intoxicated Carolina Panthers cheerleaders, then at least let them finish what they started and I’m sure they’ll go on their merry, drunken way and regret it for the rest of their lives after, without police intervention.

Lesbians+Cheerleaders=Always a good mix.

9. Houston Texans

The Houston Texans don’t make many top ten lists when it comes on the field, but when it comes to their cheerleaders they make it with ease due to their, ahem, assets.

The city of Houston is lucky to have a football team after they saw their Oilers move away, there wasn’t much promise of another team returning until they saw a team with the most unoriginal¬† name in the NFL ever pop up in Houston once again.

They now have their mediocre team back once again and have their cheerleaders on the sideline cheering them on to another .500 season.

8.Philadelphia Eagles

They’ve booed their team. They’ve booed their coach. Hell, they even booed Santa Claus. But we have yet to hear Philadelphia Eagle fans boo their cheerleaders yet and I don’t think they’ll ever have a reason to.

The Eagles might have disappointed this year, as they have many times before no matter how far they get into the postseason, but the city of Philadelphia still has it’s girls in green and black to look forward to next year.

Get on Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid all you want, just leave the cheerleaders out of it.

7. San Francisco 49ers

One of the more legendary franchises of the NFL, the San Francisco 49ers not only have Hall of Famer’s and Super Bowl’s to their name, but surprisingly have quite the set of cheerleader’s as well.

The girls in gold and red, better known as the Gold Rush, make it even hotter in the sun parched city of San Francisco and for some strange reason only entertain a few of the men in the city. Female cheerleaders and the city might not mix too well, but they’re welcome with open arms anywhere else.

6. Jacksonville Jaguars

Attendance has been down at Alltel Stadium in Jacksonville and I don’t think the cheerleader’s are the one’s to blame.

If this team ever does decide to move, they better make sure to take these girls with them because acrobatic, flexible women aren’t exactly given out like interception’s at a Detroit Lions game.

Keep the Jaguars in Jacksonville and don’t take there cheerleaders away.

5. San Diego Chargers

They might have had their Super Bowl dreams crushed, but at least the San Diego Chargers still has it’s Chargers Girls.

Like many other West Coast and Southern cities, it tends to get hot in San Diego which only means the temperature rises and the clothes begin to shed. The Chargers Cheerleaders appear to have no problem with this.

Maybe Nate Kaeding was too busy looking at the sideline when he was missing three field goals.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Appreciate the Bucs ownership for bringing about a new look on the franchise. The ‘Swashbuclers’ as they used to be called wore Creamsicle colored outfits that did not prove attractive to the average human. Despite how the girls on the sideline looked, the orange nightmare’s was a distraction.

As a man, I must say this is quite the improvement.

The Bucs not only have a Super Bowl to their credit since the makeover, but now have one of the most elite cheerleading squads in the NFL and they not only have the outfit’s to thank, but of course the one’s wearing it.

Not to mention, Tampa is known for it’s strip clubs, so try and connect the dots on that one.

3. Denver Broncos

Denver isn’t exactly known for it’s beaches, but when they exported the Broncos cheerleader’s to one, it was a sight to behold. Being a mile high from sea level, it’s rare to see the cheerleaders actually able to cheer without suffering from the air pressure or forced to put their clothes on when the snow hits in October.

Despite all the obstacles they’ve had to overcome, the Broncos cheerleaders still managed to make it to number three on this list and have obvious reasons (see above) why they are here.

Why would Jay Cutler want to leave this?

2. Miami Dolphins

The city of Miami is known for a lot. The heat, the diversity, the cocaine, and the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders.

When it comes to Miami, the clothing option is either minimal or none at all and we here at Coed have nothing against that. The Dolphins might happen to dissappoint year in and year out, but their cheerleaders always have a place in our hearts and came only a few girls short of topping out at number one.

Miami has the perfect blend of girls from all parts of the world which would give it an easy number one in any other sport, but there is one cheerleader squad that just cannot be beat.

1. Dallas Cowboys

I honestly tried to make this list as dramatic as possible and tried to find a better squad than what the Cowboys have and I just couldn’t. Every girl on the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad is hot and I dare you spot one that can’t make the cut.

The Cowboys cheerleader’s always have been famous for being top’s in the league and it’s easy to see why. They strive for perfection every season and always put on a show for NFL fans everywhere.

They’ve been doing it for nearly 40 years, what’s going to stop them now.

Let your fantasies run wild

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