Coed Magazine’s 14 Days of Valentine Gifts Guide!

This is the money you saved by flying solo this Valentine's Day. (nice)

Everyday we’re bringing you an assortment of Valentines gift ideas for that “soon to be the bane of your existence” special lady in your life.  Sure within five years you’re going to rue the day that you ever met the life force consuming, gold digging succubus, but in the meantime can’t we at least enjoy a little romance, right?

No wife?  No girlfriend.  No prospects?  No Problem! You should still tune in everyday so you can see the money you’ll save, as well as the official COED FLYING SOLO THIS VALENTINE’S DAY list on the 14th, featuring gift recommendations for treating that very, very special someone – yourself! Like Alvin told Dave Seville, “It’s a present Dave, from ME to ME”

The Gift Guide Run Down Looks Like This:

Date     Items of List

  1. Valentine’s Gifts Timeline – By her a gift based upon the time she has vested with you.
  2. Lingerie and Costumes – Worth checking out for the models alone!
  3. Valentine’s Perfume Buyers Guide – Bring another girl into the bedroom . . .sort of (not really.)
  4. Valentine’s Flowers Guide – What rose colors mean.  Recos for Mom and Grandma too!
  5. Weird Valentine’s Day Gifts – Uh . . .yeah.
  6. Valentine’s Bath & Body Guide – Use these items to get her in the tub!
  7. Valentines Jewelry Guide – Why Promise Rings are awesome – read on trust me!
  8. Valentines Candy Buyers Guide – From Dylans, Jers and More.
  9. Valentine’s Mobile Phone & Tech Guide
  10. Valentines For Music Lovers
  11. iLove: iPhone and iPod Gifts
  12. Valentine’s Sexy Stuff
  13. 5 Cheap & Easy Valentines Gift Ideas
  14. Flying Solo: Five Gifts to Buy Yourself
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