Saturday Afternoon Fever at Bagatelle

Bistro Bagatelle

409 W. 13th St. (Washington St.)

Located in the NYC Meatpacking District

13th, between 9th Ave and Washington

New York, NY 10014


Just because the secrets out on New York City’s biggest afternoon party – Bistro Bagatelle – doesn’t mean you’ll be able to get in.  The Saturday afternoon brunch broadcast live on Sirius Radio BPM (Channel 36) is booked over four months in advance, and on some Saturdays there are over 70 tables on the waiting list beyond capacity!

Bagatelle attracts a loyal twenty-five to forty-something sophisticated house & groove crowd, and they come to party.  Expect to see people dressed their best, enjoying edibles from Bagatelle’s delicious and surprising reasonably priced Brunch menu until 3:00 PM at which time standing on tables and chairs while guzzling champagne straight from the bottle becomes the norm (at 3:00 in the afternoon!)  The music gets louder!  Waiters, managers, hosts and hostesses (all of whom know your name within the first hour of your visit) join the party! Within moments you understand why there are 100 people outside clamoring to get in – Bagatelle becomes magical.  An experience akin to being at a private party, in your best friends restaurant, with 150 of your closest friends.

However, if you expect to break this velvet rope without waiting until mid 2010, we recommend you get there early, keep your group small (2-4), and dress to impress.  Bringing a girl, whether a “Wing Girl” or a date is also a great idea (Remember: in general proper ratios are always your friend when entering hotspots).  There are two seatings (Noon and 3:00), revelers from the early seating won’t be asked to leave the party, but will be politely reminded of the 2nd seating, and invited to the bar.  Two bottles will probably hold your real estate for the full day – it did for us – but there was a snowstorm outside, so no promises.

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