Alec Baldwin Competes in Olympics – So Can You

Jibjab, the masters of putting famous heads on goofy bodies, are at your service again with new Olympic themed customizable cards. If you have no friends because you are some sort of hermit or internet humor writer, well, feel free to use celebrities. Let’s explore the new sports available.


When creating these animations, make sure you pick people who somewhat fit the bodies provided. Conan O’Brein’s head on a little lady gymnast’s body sounds funny in theory but it is, in point of fact, the stuff of nightmares. Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey of NBC’s 30 Rock, meanwhile, fit in well. I feel like I owe fans of the show an apology because after seeing this masterpiece network execs will probably want to change the format of the show to all ribbon-dancing all the time. Sorry guys.

Figure Skating-

There are so many pop culture couples out there today that I had a hard time deciding who would benefit most from the fantastic  power of figure skating. Could the soothing balm of coordinated ice dancing mend the rift between Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin? Has Jennifer Aniston caused so much trouble that Brad and Angelina need to lace up their skates? No, in the end it was obvious that the two stars who needed it most were not actually romantically involved at all. It was the two most talented musicians of our age. Ladies and gentlemen, I present Kanye West and Taylor Swift. May the best “I’mma let you finish joke” win.


The skiing option is a little different as there is only one person. So who gets the honor of hitting the slopes? Who fits best racing an avalanche down a mountain? The choice was clear. Sam Elliott. Sure he does mostly character work and commercial voice-overs but he’s a bad-ass man with a bad-ass moustache and I think we can always use a bit more bad-assery in our day.

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