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Sleep in Style


I think your Mom just found your stash of dirty mags . . .HEY! Wait a minute! THAT"S MY MOM! WTF!

Mattress maker Aminach (My People Rest) of Jaffa Israel has released a new line of beds and sofa sleepers that are absolutely perfect if space is a premium in your place.

Choose a fabric from dozens of contemporary colors, and a bed frame to suit your lifestyle – such as if you need wheels to roll it in and out – these contemporary space-savers can turn any room into a bedroom without sacrificing an ounce of style. Plus, the extra storage compartments allow for quick stowing of bedding, pillows and your . . . er . . .unmentionables for use both day and night!

Prices?  As you would expect, not cheap.  Expect to shell out 2000+ clams for one of these artistic ABS Plastic Shells. . . but boy do they “Wow” as scenery.  All that’s left to  worry about is the “performance”, but if you need a hand . . .scratch that, rather, if you need assistance check out THIS.

  • COED Writer