“Wow Nice Shirt”

Well . . .it looks like you’re going to need a bigger pimpstick.

Women can’t keep their hands off Miami based Stone Rose line of contemporary button down shirts. The shirts come in a wide range of solid colors which includes everything from earth tones to bright 80’s retros solids. They feature high thread counts (making the shirts flowing, light and silky smooth), and for the most part a more narrow, European, fitted cut . . .and then the fun starts.


Stone Rose Montreal fashion Show Featured Women Wearing Mens Shirts.

As if some of the colors alone wouldn’t get you enough attention, Stone Rose’s design accents include a number of bells and whistles that makes everyone that sees them say, “Wow.” Features include contrast top-stitching, retro and ethno prints present on the inside of the the cuff and inside of the collar, double-button detailing and other unusual button detailing such as odd shapes, or contrasting colors. Some of the shirts have epaulettes – not a fan – but somehow they even pull them off (where as I literally pulled mine off. Well, actually I used an Exacto Knife, but you get the point.)

The company was created by Montreal childhood friends Jonathan Sharvit (30), Shai Medalsy (30) and Jared Langleben (28). The unofficial story is the boys were tired of wearing traditional dress shirts with jeans as casual wear and decided to move in the direction of “Casual Chic” by creating shirts in contemporary colors with plenty of sex, and a shorter cut so they could comfortably be worn untucked and cuffs flipped back. True or not it’s a terrific story and they should stick with it. These guys, and this brand are going places.

Prices range $140 to $190, but the shirts are hard to come by and we’ve seen some of the most desirable designs and colors selling upwards of $325. A lot of scratch for a shirt no doubt, but the brand is picking up steam at a rapid pace and distribution seems to be increasing. Patience pays as cursory internet searches yielded some of the more desirable colors (the Powder Blue, Turquoise, Black and Whites) were in stock and available at MSRP. The collections are inspired by the global aspect of the line, with style selections named after airport codes. The best selling code – MIA (Miami International) ($159), also known as the brands “classic,” with collar and cuff contrast fabric and contrast button-holes.

The list of Celebrity Stone Rose fans is growing, but already includes rapper Lil Jon (What?!  What!? YEAH!), music producer Jim Jensen, actors Sean William Scott, and Rex Lee, reality TV star Jeff Bozz as well as TV talent Mark Steines, co–anchor of Entertainment Tonight.

Stone Rose is available at fine boutiques nationwide. For the VIP treatment and a COED discount call Chuck in Miami at 305-967-0735. Tell him you read about Stone Rose on Coed Magazine for a discount. He ships nationally and internationally.

Check out the Stone Rose website at www.livestonerose.com

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