Big Boy Sneakers

Ever heard of 310 Motoring? It’s the number one spot for celebrities to get their over priced toys customized. 310 Motoring (after the area code where the company was founded –  Los Angeles) has made a name for themselves by never compromising quality under any circumstances. Not on any of the vehicles they transform into works of art, and especially not on their clothing or shoe companies. The 310 Motoring shoe line has developed comfortable, stylish sneakers for the modern man. Stop wearing gym sneakers every where you go. You’ll feel comfortable rocking 310’s to the store, out to dinner, or even to the club. The company features everything from mild to wild so look carefully. They have something for you.

Another good shoe company looking out for the fellas is Supra. Their current line up is full of comfortable, fashion forward sneakers. With designs obviously influenced by skate culture, Supra has taken time to combine a casual element as well, making their products very versatile. A mix of patterns and textures combine to make Supra’s efforts worth checking out.

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