Busty Bartender Babes: Volume 1


Every time you first walk in the door of a bar you’ve never been to before, you check out a couple of things before deciding whether or not to say: First, does the clientele look like a bunch of douchebags? Second, is the bartender hot? If the answer to the second question is yes, even a room full of tools can make the evening worth it.

Even though you won’t get her number, since every dude in the place has already asked her for it, few things beat an evening of sloshing it up with your bros while a bodacious babe serves you drinks and calls you “Honey.” To honor these alcoholic angels of the night, we’ve scoured the Web to put together all the best busty bartenders we could find. So grab yourself a cold one, sit back and enjoy.

COED Writer
COED Writer
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