Man vs. Zombies Twitter


Until relatively recently, I thought that twitter was a wasteland of status updates about how often one needed to use the bathroom or how excited one could be about potty training their dog. Sure, there were a few slightly interesting beams of light in the otherwise droll timeline, but for the most part I’ve been underwhelmed. Underwhelmed, that is, until I ran across @manvszombies.

If you haven’t heard about this gem, please, allow me to fill you in. @manvszombies is a lone man’s account of a so-far-unexplained zombie infestation and his day to day experiences surviving said desolate landscape. Or, as he puts it, it’s his “diary of the apocalypse”. “Gus”, based out of Miami, Florida, spends his time fleeing zombies, smoking weed, and…spending some quality time with himself, if you catch my drift. On occasion, he experiences bizarre supernatural occurrences as he tries to make sense of the world.

If the fact that he set up his own alternate reality isn’t cool enough for you, then perhaps the fact that all of his tweets are done via text, which lends itself to the idea that he’s solely using his cell phone…and even cooler than that? How about the fact that he supports this reality with photos (pic 1 and pic 2) and videos?

The icing on the cake? The tweets that are his random meanderings and thoughts about his current life are freaking hilarious. Seriously, this is clearly the product of an extremely creative – or disturbed – mind. Either way, you owe it to yourself to follow him at before the zombies get him…or you.

COED Writer
COED Writer