Marliese Leitner Tops The Week That Was: Jan 2nd – Jan 8th

Sexy 21-year-old blond bombshell Marliese Leitner is an Orlando, Florida based model who seems to look good doing damn near everything. But then again, I supposed that’s what being a model is. I only wish she’d be better at showing up at the COED offices unexpectedly, wearing exactly this outfit.

Check out Marliese Leitner’s gallery here!

Friday, January 8th

10 Awesome Gags To Torture Your Friends

Seeing that April Fools day is less than four months, what better way to get into the spirit than the top 10 practical jokes you can play on your buddies.

I’ve waded my through the internet (sitting through many a shite video some idiot thought was hilarious, to them I say review this list and see that you’re failures) to bring you some truly inspirational moments of pranking.

88 Bull Riding Bucking Beauties…Yee-Haw!

If you’re a fan of crazy bastards riding violent beasts with nothing but leather and a giant pair of balls between life and death, then strap on your spurs and saddle-up for the PBR taking place in New York City from January 8th – 10th.  To honor these modern-day gladiators, we’ve put together the hottest cowgirls from around the net. Giddy-up!


Thursday, January 7th

The Truth About Hooters Girls

Last week we gave you a super sexy gallery of Hooters Models doing what they do best in Aspen, playing in the snow wearing only bikinis.   Just one week later they’re  Back, but this time we’re exposing a little “truth” about the “Hooters Girl Fantasy.”  Don’t be psyched out while enjoying those hot wings and beer.  Those “too tight, too bright” orange shorts sometimes go right to the girls heads, but don’t let them go to yours and psych you out.  These chicks are gettable – very gettable! In fact, as you’ll see from these “Real Girls” photos from around the globe, Hooters girls are actually pretty average.

Reality TV Rundown: Week 0

Once you’ve washed away the shame of your New Year’s Eve debauchery and settled into the groove of the new decade (you haven’t broken your resolution already, have you?), it’s time to turn on the TV and saddle up for new seasons of your favorite reality shows. The New Year brings with it the 20th season of Survivor, the gayest looking Bachelor we’ve seen yet and a new edition of Celebrity Rehab that actually features real celebrities.


Wednesday, January 6th

Cheerleaders of the 2010 BCS Championship Game – Showdown

First comes Christmas, then New Year’s Eve – then college F’ing football! Now we think, like any good sports fan, that the BCS championship system is a load of crap. But it’s all we’ve got, so we’ll take it. Fortunately, the one thing not lacking in this year’s BCS Championship game between Texas and Alabama is smoking hot cheerleaders! We’ve compiled galleries of Longhorn and Crimson Tide cheerleaders and put them head to head. Enjoy the good view then oogle this sexy, deer hunting Alabama cheerleader/outdoorswoman.

Throw Your Own “World Series of Beer Pong”

Have you ever wanted to become a world champion athlete, but didn’t want to give up drinking or having fun? I understand. None of us are Mickey Mantle, so what can we do? The World Series of Poker is out. There’s a lot more fun ways to spend $10,000 in Vegas. If I’m going to say that I’m all in, it’s going to be to a disappointed hooker and not Phil Hellmuth (sorry if that’s redundant). So, then what’s our solution?


Tuesday, January 5th

World’s Sexiest Beer Pong Babes

On January 1st beer pong players from all over the globe descended on Las Vegas for World Series of Beer Pong V. Through three days of play 450+ teams have been whittled down and now one team was crowned World Series of Beer Pong V champion. For the second year in a row Smashing Time received an oversized check for $50,000, 365 days of bragging rights and the love of bodacious beer pong groupies everywhere. Let’s take a look at the World’s Sexiest Beer Pong Babes so you’ll be motivated to practice you pong shot for next 2011.

Three New Year’s Resolutions That Will Change Your Life

Life changes come in all shapes and sizes, but have one central theme in common – a little extra work now pays big dividends later.  So make New Years day the first day of the rest of your life with these three major “Make a Man Out of You” resolutions.


Monday, January 4th

The Most Rented Films of 2009

You know those ridiculous automated DVD rental machines that you see in the supermarket, McDonald’s, Walmart or Walgreens?  Well it turns out that people actually use them – a lot, and the 19,000 that were out there in 2009 made the company that places them – Red Box ( a division of Coinstar), an effin fortune!  In fact, more than 350 million movies were rented from Redbox in 2009!  No wonder 5th Avenue Video closed an ass-load of stores, and Blockbuster is gasping for air like an overweight marathon runner. Ways to Tell If Your Girl’s a “Keeper”

Is the girl you’re currently dating a keeper, or should she fall into the catch-and-release category? If you’re on the fence about the situation, here are five easy ways to tell if she’s worth holding onto:

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