The Truth About Hooters Girls

Last week we gave you a super sexy gallery of Hooters Models doing what they do best in Aspen, playing in the snow wearing only bikinis.   Just one week later they’re  Back, but this time we’re exposing a little “truth” about the “Hooters Girl Fantasy.”  Don’t be psyched out while enjoying those hot wings and beer.  Those “too tight, too bright” orange shorts sometimes go right to the girls heads, but don’t let them go to yours and psych you out.  These chicks are gettable – very gettable! In fact, as you’ll see from these “Real Girls” photos from around the globe, Hooters girls are actually pretty average.

We’re not saying we’d kick them out of bed for eating crackers, but being a Hooters girl back in the day was like being a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. Bad news – boy have times changed.  Good news -HOME DELIVERY (if you know what I mean.)  Gentleman . . .attack.


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