The Most Rented Films of 2009

You know those ridiculous automated DVD rental machines that you see in the supermarket, McDonald’s, Walmart or Walgreens?  Well it turns out that people actually use them – a lot, and the 19,000 that were out there in 2009 made the company that places them – Red Box ( a division of Coinstar), an effin fortune!  In fact, more than 350 million movies were rented from Redbox in 2009!  No wonder 5th Avenue Video closed an ass-load of stores, and Blockbuster is gasping for air like an overweight marathon runner.
Based on actual rentals, Paul Blart: Mall Cop topped the list of the most-rented movie of 2009, logging more than 4.5 million Redbox rentals, and proving definitively that the country is doomed.  I bet if Reagan were here to save us Gran Torino would have been #1.
Here is a look at 2009’s most popular Redbox DVD rentals.
TOP MOVIES of 2009
1.  Paul Blart: Mall Cop – -Ouch.  How is that even possible?
2.  The Proposal – Uninspired, utility Rom-Com . . .I guess if you gotta give in . . .
3.  Taken – Finally a film with some sack shows up on the list to redeem us.
4.  Gran Torino – Awesome. Clint Eastwood pray for us.
5.  Knowing – For a broke guy, Nick Cage works an awful lot.

1.  I Love You, Man
2.  Year One
3.  My Best Friend’s Girl
4.  Pineapple Express
5.  Role Models
1.  Taken
2.  Knowing
3.  Transformers:  Revenge of the Fallen
4.  Obsessed
5.  G.I. Joe:  The Rise of Cobra
1.  The Proposal
2.  Bride Wars
3.  He’s Just Not That Into You
4.  17 Again
5.  Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
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Just Like Tiger (Without the Mistresses)
Just Like Tiger (Without the Mistresses)
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