5 Things We’d Like to Know About Glenn Beck

Ever since making the move from CNN Headline News to Fox News, Glenn Beck has been one of the most talked about media personality in the country. Despite the fact that he has quickly one-upped the crazy that is Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity, many people still do not know the truth about Beck. Here are some things we think we deserve to know about Beck:

1) Was Glenn Beck a Black Panther?

Some say that while Beck might be a highly rated conservative talk host now, his past included a stint as a member of the Black Panthers.
Beck constantly refers to race and racism on his show, is he channeling his past radical self? Is he trying to overcompensate for his past by turning the tables on his Black Panther brethren?
America deserves to know…

2) Does Glenn Beck Have More Than One Wife?

Most people know that Glenn Beck is Mormon and therefore wears magic underwear and believes in a lot of nonsense like the fact that Jesus walked across America but anonymous sources say that Beck has more than one wife. Typical.
According to these anonymous sources, Beck might have as many as six different wives. Does that sound like someone who represents American values?
And I know what you’re thinking. There’s no record of Beck having more than one wife. But how can we know for sure? How can we be sure that all records of his other marriages haven’t been covered up by the socialist cabal that has their hand in everything so that Beck can spread their radical ideology under the guise of being a decent Christian man?
The ball is in your court Mr. Beck…

3) Was Glenn Beck Trained at a Terror Camp?

Beck sure does talk about potential terror plots and is obsessed with giving coverage to the Islamic terrorist cause. Is Beck a spokesman for the Islamo-fascists? Is Beck himself an Islamo-fascist on top of being a radical Mormon leftist?
How come Glenn Beck has never denied the fact that he himself was trained at a terrorist camp in Swat Valley?
Did Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes know about Beck’s alleged past? Are they all in on it?
I’m still waiting for a denial, Mr. Beck.

4) Is Glenn Beck Really a Socialist?

No one spends more time talking about Socialist theories than Beck. Even the Red Commie professors that Beck always alludes to don’t constantly talk about Marxist theory. Is BeckĀ  a closet Socialist? Is he a Communist?
Why does Beck give so much of his paycheck to the government for the money to be redistributed among the poor and be put into huge government bureaucracies?
Why do you spend so much time driving socialist ideals into your viewers’ heads? Those anonymous sources must have been right about your ties to the radical leftist cabal that controls the world.

5) Is Glenn Beck the Anti-Christ?

When scripture described the Anti-Christ, wasn’t it really implying that the Anti-Christ would be a middle aged Fox News host who cries a lot in public and asks ridiculous questions knowing that no one in their right mind would respond to them? I think it did but you may have your own opinion on the matter.
In any case, has Beck even spent a second denying this? Nope. Why so quiet? Americans want to know!

I am just a guy asking questions, Mr. Beck. You are the one not responding to inquiries from true Americans who want to know what you are REALLY up to.

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