5 Biggest Douchebag Head Coaches


Part of being a good leader is not taking any sh*t from anybody. You stand your ground, whip the pansies into shape, and get the job done, g*ddamnit! But the flip-side of that mentality is that you’re kind of an asshole. So it goes without saying that pretty much every head coach is a douche, at least a little. But these five winners take the D-bag thing to a whole new level. 

bobby-knight1. Bobby Knight

Let’s see, in Knight has assaulted a police officer, thrown a chair an NCAA court, had to be restrained by cops while trying to attack a heckler, hit a student player, and shot a gun at a guy. Yeah, he’s number one.


tom-cable2. Tom Cable

Though Cable only became a head coach in 2008, he has already punched one of his assistant coaches in the face (breaking his jaw). Most coaches wait until at least their fifth year.

Shortly after the incident, ESPN revealed that Cable had been accused of domestic abuse by two ex-wives and a former girlfriend.


p1_belichick3. Bill Belichick

Belichick began his head coaching career with a 4 year run with the Kardiac Kids of Cleveland. After a stint as assistant coach with both New England and the NY, the Jets offered Bill the big man slot only to resign before he even accepted the role.  Instead he took the head coach job with  the Patriots (while still under contract with Gang Green).

The Patriots lost a first round draft pick for that stunt and would lose another one (and $250,000) in 2007 when it was revealed that the Patriots used cameras to steal the New York Jets’ signals.


p1_petrino4. Bobby Petrino

Aside from being a terrible NFL coach, Petrino quit in the middle of his first season with the Atlanta Falcons so that he can go work at the University of Arkansas. Nice.


nm_nick_saban2_071121_ms5. Nick Saban

After constantly saying that he will stay in the NFL and will not be the next coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide, Saban decided to do just that and left the Dolphins after the second year of his five year contract.


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