George Carlin’s ‘Last Words’ Intro Exclusive


Whether you are on the right or the left, you can’t argue with George Carlin’s humor. (Ok, if you are on the right, you probably have a harder time finding the humor.) But regardless of where you stand, George Carlin’s incredibly successful comedy career spanned 50 years.


He was the first host of SNL, he guest hosted for Carson, he was present at Lenny Bruce’s arrest for obscenity, and went to jail for refusing to show his ID, telling them that he did not believe in government issued IDs. Carlin was the last of the “Damn-the-Man” political humorists that were abundant in the 1960s; he took having balls to an epic level.

All in all, George Carlin kicked ass. He gets his last word in once more with the release of his new book Last Words.

Started in 1993 with friend Tony Hendra, his book is a collection of stories and trying times – from trouble with drugs and alcohol to his rise in comedy. When Carlin died at age seventy-one in June 2008 with the book still unpublished, Hendra set out to assemble it as his friend would have wanted. Last Words is the result.

We have an exclusive copy of the introduction of the book for COED readers here. And we will be giving away copies of the book from our Twitter feed.

Check out the video (below), audio and contest, here!

Click here to read the exclusive intro to George Carlin’s Last Words, here!

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