The 5 Most Overrated UFC Fighters


There are some guys that, no matter how many times they headline pay-per-views and no matter how many times they are hyped by the announcers, just aren’t main event material. For some, their time has come and gone while others just fail to live up to the hype that the UFC has bestowed upon them. Here are the five most overrated UFC fighters.

Lyoto MachidaLyoto Machida

Despite the fact that he is the Light Heavyweight Champion and is (arguably) undefeated in his career, Machida is not the exciting fighter that the UFC has attempted to make him out to be.

Despite having been in only four major fights, he has won only 7 of his 16 fights by knockout or submission. His success can be attributed entirely to his unique karate style which completely threw off his first three UFC opponents. His fight against Shogun Rua at UFC 104 showed how truly ineffective Machida’s style is when matched with a well prepared oppoent.

Tito OrtizTito Ortiz

There was a time that Tito Ortiz was as good a fighter as any in the UFC but that time ended three years ago. Tito ortiz’s upcoming return is as irrelevant as his last comeback which resulted in only three wins in six fights, one of which was very debatable (Ortiz-Griffin).

Mark ColemanMark Coleman

Mark Coleman was very successful in the very early throes of the UFC because he was a man ahead of his time. Similar to Machida, the rest of the UFC had not evolved enough to defend Coleman’s wrestling ability. They did soon enough and Coleman went on a four fight losing streak.
The UFC is now, of course, a wrestler’s haven and Coleman has gone 1-2 in the three fights he has fought since coming back while missing two others.

Keith JardineKeith Jardine

Just as Jardine was favored to win the second Ultimate Fighter only to lose his only fight, The Dean of Mean has never been able to consitently compete in the high profile fights that the UFC has booked him in.
In eight fights in the UFC, Jardine has won just four of them (only two against major opponents).

Randy CoutureRandy Couture

While Randy is a terrific fighter, he has never been as successful as the UFC makes him out to be and has been even worse in the past few years. Granted Couture is a physical specimen who continues to perform at an incredible level despite his age but his 16-10 record shows just how mixed his record has been.

Couture has lost more big fights than he has won and is a mere 2-3 in his last 5 fights.

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