Chivas USA Star Sacha Kljestan Talks FIFA 10, Charlie Davies and WAGs

Sacha Kljestan

COED recently caught up with Chivas USA star Sacha Kljestan – you might recognize him from the cover of EA Sport’s FIFA 10, which hit store shelves this week. Sacha is preparing for this weekend’s MLS playoff series vs cross town rival LA Galaxy but he did have time to answer our questions about FIFA 10, life int he MLS and his smokin’ hot WAG, Jamielee.

What are your thoughts on the game? Does the virtual FIFA 10 Sacha Kljestan have similar ball skills as the real life version?

FIFA 10 is definitely the best soccer video game I’ve ever played, and trust me I’ve been playing FIFA vs (my brother) Gordon since ’96. The virtual Sacha Kljestan is better than the real life Sacha Kljestan!


If you were going to choose one player to control in FIFA 10 besides yourself who would it be?

Kaka or Leo Messi, because they are my two favorite players to watch in world football today. They both lead their teams in the attack, and are exciting players to watch. If I could go back to use a retro player, I would go back to the year 2000 and use my idol Zinedine Zidane in his prime.

What was the most enjoyable aspect of being involved in the creation and marketing of FIFA 10? What didn’t you like so much?

The best part of being involved with FIFA 10 was, obviously, having my face on the cover of the game, something I’ll remember for the rest of my life. As far as the marketing aspect, being part of the King of the Court event up at the EA sports headquarters in Canada was pretty fun. Another dope thing EA Sports and Adidas did for me was my custom-made cleats, which I wore to commemorate the launch of FIFA 10… something I will save the rest of my life as well.

From what you saw at the EA Sports event in Vancouver, who has the better soccer skills? Milan Lucic, Dwight Howard or Venus Williams? And what about that athlete made them the best of the group?

Milan Lucic definitely had the best soccer skills. He comes from a Serbian background, similar to myself. He said he played a little bit growing up and had good technique. Venus was a great sport and tried hard to learn how to take a penalty kick. Dwight was just terrible!



How is Charlie Davies doing?

My boy Chuck D aka Charlie Davies is doing good. He’s got good people around him right now helping him get better and stay positive. We have talked a few times through text and on the phone in the past few days and he is on the road to recovery! He is one of my best friends and I’m glad he’s OK. I hope he will come back even stronger!

Beyond Hoboken, NJ what is the most memorable city you’ve visited?

Most memorable city I’ve visited is… well I cant just name one so here’s a few. Beijing, China because it has some really old sites to see and, obviously, I played in the Olympics there. Milan, Italy was very cool and memorable because I played a charity game in the historical San Siro stadium, and we walked the city and shopped. There is some dope fashion there! Lastly, my two favorite American cities are New York and Washington DC. New York for all the fun and how busy it is, and DC because I love all the old architecture and history that surrounds the nations capital.

Sacha Kljestan and JamieleeYour girlfriend Jamielee recently went to NYC as a top 10 finalist for the Victoria’s Secret runway model search. WAGS are big business on COED (check out our WAGS of the 2009 World Series). Name four celebrities that you think would make good MLS WAGS.

Super stoked for Jamielee and her Victoria’s Secret model search! Gonna need all my friends, fans, and even haters to vote for her on so she wins! She makes a good WAG!!

Four other WAGS – Let’s start off with another Victoria’s Secret lady Marisa Miller, she’s the ultimate supermodel – who wouldn’t want to have her! Can’t have any hot girl list without Megan Fox, but I’d be jealous of whatever MLS player wifed her up, probably will be my boy Robbie Rogers, he’s just a handsome dude! Olivia Wilde is dope too, she’s on the list. And last but not least… I like this chick January Jones, she’s got WAG potential.


What are the major differences between playing for the US Mens National Team and in the MLS?

Difference between the National Team and MLS is like everything is just magnified. It’s harder, more physical, faster and mistakes are punished more precisely. International games are much tougher because the games are played much tighter and usually its one or two plays that make the difference, whereas in MLS there are 5-10 chances a game.

What soccer players did you idolize growing up?

My Idol growing up was Zinedine Zidane, he’s the best player ever, in my opinion. He was magical on the field and always made his team better, and he was a winner.

Being from Southern California were you a Chivas fan growing up or did you support the Galaxy?

To be honest… I’m gonna get killed for this… but I was a Galaxy supporter growing up. They were the hometown team and Chivas didn’t join MLS until 2005. But now they are my biggest rival, and I couldn’t ask for a better opponent than them in the playoffs this year.

Who, in your opinion, are four emerging MLS stars that we should look out for in the future?

Robbie Rogers (check out Robbie on Extra Mustard’s latest Pop Culture Grid) is on top of that list for sure. He is the next big star in MLS. He’s young, good with both feet, fast and has a good knack for scoring goals. Definitely a star in the making. There is a kid named Gerson Mayen who plays for Chivas who is a damn good soccer player. He’s a local kid from Los Angeles, and is only 19. He’s got a ton of confidence, and could be a star one day if he keeps working hard – I believe in him. Another guy is Jason Hernandez, defender from San Jose. People will say I’m biased because we played together in college and for two years at Chivas, but I think he’s one of the best defenders in the league, and I hope he comes back from his injury fast and strong. Lastly I’d say Robbie Findley from Salt Lake. Hes a fast forward who has proved in a few years that hes a legit goal scorer.


Obviously COED is your favorite website of all-time, but what are four other websites you check regularly?

You know I love COED, but a few of my other frequent sites are… Twitter to keep up with my friends and so all the fans know what I’m up to. I get a lot of support from fans on Twitter so its cool to stay in touch with them. to read about the best things in the world.. girls, soccer, movies and music. to keep up with the world of sports. and to know whats going on in my league.

Awesome. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, Sacha. Good luck in the playoffs!

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