Shogun Robbed by Machida at UFC 104

I am not sure who Lyoto Machida has naked pictures of, but the karate kid got sodomized by Shogun Rua tonight – and somehow walked out with the title.

The Staples Center crowd showered down a chorus of boos as Machida retained the UFC Light Heavyweight title. Retained is a loose phrasing. They put the belt back on his waist, but from this point forward – it is a joke.

Shogun “I Have No Conditioning” Rua quite literally kicked the sh*t out of him. Machida’s legs and body were as red as a baboon’s ass, but whatever he had on the UFC was enough for him to hold onto the title. I could see if Tiger Shulman’s was a sponsor or something, but it was sad.

College Football Rivalry Party Girls
College Football Rivalry Party Girls
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