The 6 Sexiest SFW Girl-Next-Door Gallery Sites

Hands down, one of the most pervasive male fantasies is having a super-hot girl move in next door. Just the though of having all that potential sexiness in such close proximity makes us downright giddy. Luckily, many “men’s” sites have taken it upon themselves to find the hottest “girls next door” the world has to offer. Here are the six best places to find these mysterious “girls next door,” online. Cute College Girl

College is that special time when men become men, and when women are at the sheer peek of hottness, before old age comes and zaps their dreams away. Which is why‘s “Cute College Girl” section features some of the sexiest stunners on the Web. Besides that, all we can say is, thank you Lord for digital cameras! Amen.

(click thumbnails to see full image) Hometown Hotties

Perhaps the most famous “girl next door” competition in the US, Maxim magazine’s hometown hotties competition consistently delivers some of the sexiest amateur models alive. The winner gets a photo shoot in the magazine – and all you grimy bastards salivating over her skin-tastic shots.

(click thumbnails to see full image) High Street Honeys

Similar to Maxim’s Hometown Hotties, FHM UK brings us the High Street Honeys. But since they’re in busty land of Britain, and not in the prudish US of A, you get to see a whole hell of a lot more High Street boobies! Users vote on which Honey is the hottest, and the winner gets exactly what she deserves – her picture taken!

(click thumbnails to see full image) Smokeshow of the Day

By delivering girls that are actually from Boston and NYC,, which focuses its coverage for these two cities, gives its readers the epitome of the “girl next door.” But that doesn’t mean they’re any less hot than the rest of the ladies on this list. In fact, some of these girls are so hot, they’ll have you making more plans to become a stalker than you ever thought possible.

(click thumbnails to see full image) Girl Next Door

Along side‘s “Featured Model” is another super-sexy dose of hotness, the “Girl Next Door.” These amateur hotties are delivered to your wandering eyes, daily. And they even give some of these girls their very own photoshoots. So ladies, if you’re looking to get sexy for the camera, you now know right where to go.

(click thumbnails to see full image) Miss COED

OK, OK, maybe it’s a bit presumptuous to include ourselves on this list. But the truth is, we here at COED work our swamp-asses off to bring you the sexiest girls possible. Each day, we publish Miss COED, our “hot girl of the day.” At the end of the month, we put all the Miss COEDs in a head-to-head competition to crown Miss COED of the Month, with our dear readers deciding which girl gets lucky. But really, it’s you, the horny reader, who gets the luckiest. Don’t you think?

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