Blue Mic Mikey Satisfies All Your Recording Needs


I’m not one for technology. In fact, I think of myself as technologically challenged. That I even own an iPod, two for that matter, and know how to work them, is a miracle in and of itself. A friend of mine who writes for the school paper introduced me to the Blue Mic Mikey, a portable microphone that connects to her iPod that she uses for interviews.

I told her I wasn’t technologically inclined, but she assured me it was super easy to use. And she was right. Not only does Mikey record interviews, it can record voice notes, music, and my personal favorite, lectures.

The small, portable mic works on both my nano and my touch, and can record up to 4 hours continuously. It is extremely easy to use and there is no software installation required. The recordings are saved onto your iPod and you can upload them to your computer by simply connecting your iPod to your computer.

As someone who hates taking notes in class because my hand can never keep up with the lecture, the Mikey is a god-send. It records the entire lecture, then I upload it to my computer, and play it back when I feel like studying. It even works in the huge lecture halls, and sounds like my professor is standing right in front of me.

So if you’re looking for an easy way to record anything, from lectures to concerts, definitely pick up the Blue Mic Mikey.

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