The 10 Most Ridiulous Off-field MLB Injuries Ever


Injuries can absolutely destroy a great baseball team, just take the 2009 New York Mets for example. Injuries have decimated their $145 million roster sending the majority of their starting roster to the DL, but at least none of the Amazin’s are out with injuries like these.

Baseball players have suffered some pretty strange injuries off the field so we’ve gone ahead and complied 10 of the best. One of the players below actually burned himself while ironing a shirt…that he was wearing at the time.

Mariano Rivera10. Mariano Rivera

Opposing batters may not have a chance against the dominant Yankee closer but when it comes to his Nikes, Mariano is overmatched. The fabled closer once managed to blow out his back tying his shoe.

Wade Boggs9. Wade Boggs

Boggs could hit a 100-MPH fastball with the best of them but when it came to the basics, Boggs was at a loss. Boggs strained his back and had to miss time after unsuccessfully trying to put on cowboy boots.

Steve Sparks8. Steve Sparks

After tearing a phone book in half at a Milwakee Brewers seminar, Sparks did what every episode of Jackass told you not to, he tried it at home. Sparks dislocated his shoulder and was cut from the Brewers roster.

Ken Sanders7. Ken Sanders

We’ve all been blinded by the sun but few of us have had our face broken because of it. While blinded by the glare, the former Mets reliever was hit in the face by a baseball thrown back to him by the catcher. He left with a broken cheekbone and nose.

Glenallen Hill6. Glenallen Hill

Former MLBer Glenallen Hill managed to hurt himself while sleeping. After waking up from a dream about being surrounded by spiders, Hill jumped out of bet and onto a glass table, cutting open his foot in the process.

Hunter Pence5. Hunter Pence

Houston Astro Hunter Pence must have been auditioning for a Windex commercial when he walked through a closed glass door in his house, shattering it and going on the disabled list.

Kevin Mitchell4. Kevin Mitchell

The former New York Met is the only player ever to be injured by a donut (except maybe Mo Vaughn, but that’s another story). Mitchell was microwaving a donut. The donut made the microwave explode. The exploding microwave injured Mitchell. Mitchell never microwaved donuts again.

Sammy Sosa3. Sammy Sosa

While most players injure themselves on the field, Sosa hurt himself in a post-game press conference when he sneezed…and blew out his back.

John Smoltz2. John Smoltz

Smoltz may be a brilliant pitcher but off the field he is a few outs short of an inning. In a hurry to get out of his hotel room, Smoltz burned himself while ironing a shirt…that he was wearing at the time.

Adam Eaton1. Adam Eaton

Everyone knows Eaton’s stuggles with the ball on the field but few know his struggles with DVD packaging. Attempting to open a DVD case, Eaton stabbed himself with a butcher’s knife.

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