Bar Golf Is Coming To NYC!


Highly skilled Bar Golfers are set to take over the West Village on Saturday, October 17th to take part in the 1st Annual NYC Bar Golf Invitational.

Being that COED’s offices are located in mid-town we couldn’t be any more pleased to hear that the organized, golf-themed bar hop is coming to New York City. Bar Golf is a staple in cities around the U.S. including Boston, Chicago, Southern California and Ft. Lauderdale but hasn’t made a strong statement in the Big Apple until now.

It all kicks off at Town Tavern which is designated as the “Clubhouse.” From there participants will have to visit nine bars or “holes” that include favorites like Off The Wagon, The Pinch, 1849 and other popular waterholes. The golfers drink the allotted number of beers along the way and the person with the lowest number of strokes at the end wins 1st Annual NYC Bar Golf Invitational trophy.

Sign-up for the 1st Annual NYC Bar Golf Invitational and buy your score card t-shirt at

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