Get Smarter The Easy Way with The Manga Guide to Physics


Fans of Japanese comics (or Manga) know that nothing is sacred: golf stories get as big a play as romance or giant robots saving Tokyo from disaster. So what better way to learn about the laws of the Universe than with The Manga Guide to Physics. And what better language to have it in than Japanese (the answer for us Americans is: English).

Yes it’s a cartoon guide and yes Ryota (what, you expected her to be Jane?) understands that you might be a bit thick about parabolic motion or the relationship between force, mass and acceleration. So she uses everyday objects like roller skates and tennis balls to get you through classical mechanics (that’s the foundation of physics, folks).

And what about being confronted in daily life by Newton’s three laws of motion? Or getting on Jeopardy and having to calculate how an objects’ kinetic energy changes as its potential energy increases?  You’d be glad you’d have read this book. Besides it has cool pictures.

So get over the law of inertia and pick this up.

P.S.  Just so you don’t think that’s the end of it, there’s a Manga Guide to Calculus, too – if you’d rather crunch numbers than watch Godzilla crunch Tokyo.

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