The Mad-Hot Women of Mad Men


With three Golden Globes, a BAFTA and six Emmys already under its belt, AMC’s Mad Men is one of the hottest shows on television. And to go along with all their critical acclaim, the show stars some of televisions hottest leading ladies. So with the third season having just started up, we’ve decided to get you more familiar with all the mad-hot women of Mad Men.


January Jones as “Betty Draper”

Blond super-hottie January Jones plays “Betty Draper,” wife of Mad Men‘s leading character, “Don Draper.” In both the the world of Mad Men and the real world, January is a former model, and she recently appeared on the cover of British GQ‘s “Hot Issue.” But when you are this smokin’, it’s not hard to see why.


Julie McNiven as “Hildy”

This big-eyed, redheaded beauty is an experienced theater actor, having played such roles as Cinderella in the American Family Theater and Hamlet‘s Ophelia on the Holyoke Stage. She’s also appeared in various film and television roles, including a spot on Showtime’s “The Brotherhood.”


Elizabeth Moss as “Peggy Olson”

With one of Mad Men‘s leading roles, Elizabeth Moss is a serious Hollywood up-and-comer. The 27-year-old brunette hottie started acting in 1990, with a few roles in television movies and commercials. She went on to appear in a wide variety of shows, including the Picket Fences series, as well as in a number of feature films, like Girl, Interrupted.


Alison Brie as “Trudy Campbell”

Brunette beauty, Alison Brie plays “Trudy,” the wife of Pete Campbell, one of the feisty, young account managers at Sterling Cooper. In addition to her role on Mad Men, Alison has appeared in a slew of television shows, and currently has two upcoming feature films in post-production now. So look out for this cutie, you’ll be seeing a lot more of her soon!


Christina Hendricks as “Joan Holloway”

If you don’t already know who Christina Hendricks is, then you’re definitely missing out. Despite the fact that she’s been dying her hair red (from blond) since she was 10-years-old, this super-stunner is all-natural exactly where it counts. Christina plays cool and collected “Joan Holloway,” office manager at Sterling Cooper, and is one of the show’s leading ladies. Before landing the Mad Man gig, Christina was best known for her role on the short-lived, cult-classic show, Firefly (R.I.P.).


Melinda McGraw as “Bobbie Barrett”

The cougar-y Melinda McGraw is what those in the industry call a “working actor” – she works, non-stop. Most famous for her role on the X-Files, McGraw has appeared in everything from Desperate Housewives to The Dark Knight, as well as shows like The West Wing and Law and Order. Her stint on Mad Men has so far lasted a mere five episodes – but we won’t hold it against her.


Maggie Siff as “Rachel Menken”

A graduate of the Tisch School of the Arts with a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts, Maggie Siff comes to Hollywood via the stage, having won the Barrymore Award for her role in Henrik Ibsen’s Ghosts. Before landing her role as department store heiress, “Rachel Menken Katz” on Mad Men, Maggie also had a recurring role on Sons of Anarchy.


Peyton List as “Jane Siegel”

After landing a minor role in Sex and the City, light-eyed looker, Peyton List scored a contract role on soap opera, As the World Turns, at age 15. She then went on to appear in shows like One Tree Hill, Without a Trace and Ghost Whisperer, before getting the gig with Mad Men. Unfortunately, she only made it into five episodes, as a fill-in secretary at the ad firm. But you can see why she left such an impression.

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