44 Les Paul Les Cuties



It’s a sad day in music land: Les Paul, inventor of both the electric guitar and multi-track recording, has died at 94. We are all mourning the loss of this music-changing innovator, who was as responsible for rock ‘n roll as Elvis (not to mention pretty much all other music you listen to these days). So since we kind of suck at playing the guitar, we decided to honor this guitar legend in the way we know best: with pictures of super hot chicks holding Gibson Les Paul guitars! R.I.P, Les. Now, go play Jesus a face-melter.

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Les-Paul-Girls-12-4LSP-3LSP-4Picture 4

Picture 3LSP-5LSP-6Les-Paul-Girls-34-23

Les-Paul-Girls-7-30Les-Paul-Girls-37-26Les-Paul-Girls-14-6Picture 2



Les-Paul-Girls-20-13Les-Paul-Girls-33-22Les-Paul-Girls-22-15Picture 6

Les-Paul-Girls-36-25Les-PaulPicture 1Les-Paul-Girls-5-28

Les-Paul-Girls-23-16Les-Paul-Girls-35-24Picture 5Les-Paul-Girls-19-11


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