Get Driven: iPhone Gaming Steering Wheel


If I was here, talking about some steering wheel peripheral to use with your Wii or Xbox  360 you’d sneer, sure, nothing impressive about that. But how about a nearly full sized replica of a racing car steering wheel to use with your iPhone or Touch?  Get your attention? It got mine.

Aptly named the STEERING WHEEL, the  it holds your  iPhone or iPod Touch, for use while playing racing apps. Of which there are plenty – heck, every action/adventure game developer knows it only gets better if you include cars. No batteries or wires neither, just pop the Apple device into the center of the wheel using one of 4 inserts supplied (iPhone/3G-GS/Touch/Touch 2nd gen), then bring up a racing game and steer to your heart’s content. As in twisting and turning the wheel like a maniac ‘cause the iPhone/Touch’s secured so it won’t fall out.  That’s what you get with the Basic model.

And if your arms tire easily, go up a few notches with its older brother. This STEERING WHEEL includes a steering column: added stability being the factor for those looking to eliminate unnecessary motion. There’s even a suction cup on the bottom for holding it in place and making adjustments for height and angle before you put the pedal to the metal (so to speak).

Why Should You Care?

Well for one thing getting caught up in the game and violently trying to do a 360 won’t have the iPhone/Touch flying out of your hands and crashing into a nearby wall.

And since everybody will want to try it out, it’s great blackmail fodder for causing selective memory loss of that  sucky score you just got.

‘Course the STEERING WHEEL’s not exactly portable – ain’t going to fit in your pocket. But for impressing others with your mad skills, it’s hard to beat the looks you’ll get pulling this out of a knapsack. It even makes non-car games like Crash Bandicoot and Super Monkey Ball a lot easier to play.

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