White People Dancing at Music Festivals [Videos]

After attending the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago this weekend, we became acutely aware of a sad fact: white people should not dance at festivals. Period. Maybe it’s the drugs, maybe it’s just the whiteness, but there’s just something sad about seeing people make fools of themselves in public. Just take a gander at these 10 flailing festival-a**clowns, and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about.



1. Lollaplooza 2009: The World’s Best Dancer!


2. Sasquatch Music Festival 2009: Half-Naked Jackass


3. Drugged-up Hippie Showing Off His Moves


4. Why Dancing And Ecstasy Don’t Mix


5. Stoned Hippie Gets Crazy


6. Weird Raver Dancing His A** Off


7. PHAT 09: Rave Dance Champion of the World


8. Grandma on Disco Biscuits


9. Drunk Guy Chicken Dance


10. Dancing Bluegrass Douche

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