Top 5 Sexiest Newspapers in the World [PICS]



America may be “the best country in the world.” But when it comes to newspapers, the rest of the world has us beat, big time. In other countries, their papers cover a wide variety of topics, from financial reporting to sports to featuring a smokin’ hot model taking her top off. So to give thanks to the titillating tabloids that have brought us some of the world’s sexiest women, we’ve compiled a list of “The Top 5 Sexiest Newspapers in the World.” Needless to say, The New York Times is nowhere on the list.


5. Bild
Hotties Section: Bild Girls
Country: Germany

Founded in 1952, Bild (German for “picture”) is one of the most popular newspapers in Europe, with special editions printed in Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey, and is Germany’s biggest newspaper, reaching 3.8 million readers. However, the tabloid is often criticized for publishing errors and fabrications. Let’s just hope they leave their lovely “Bild Girls” alone.


4. 24 sata
Hotties Section: Back Page Girls
Country: Croatia

With a total daily readership of around 260,000, Croatia’s award-winning tabloid, 24 Sata covers everything from the top news stories, to celebrity news, to hot ass chicks taking it off for the camera. You know, regular newspaper stuff…


3. Ekstra Bladet
Hotties Section: Side 9 Pigen
Country: Denmark

Since 1979, Denmark’s tabloid, Ekstra Bladet has featured a naked or mostly naked woman, known as “Side 9 Pigen” (The Page 9 Girl) to go along with its “power for the people” editorials and sensationalist news stories. And despite hard times, Ekstra Bladet is still kicking ass, outselling it’s competitor, BT. Something tells us all these super hotties have something to do with it.


2. Kronen Zeitung
Hotties Section: Girl de Tages
Country: Austria

With a daily readership of nearly 3 million, the Krone, as it’s commonly known, is Austria’s largest, most influential newspaper. In fact, it’s so big, the publication has been blamed for abusing its near monopoly to manipulate public opinion. But if you ask us, when a newspaper features smokin’ hot photos of some of the sexiest women in the world, it’s pretty easy to ignore a little public manipulation.


1. The Sun
Hotties Section: Page 3
Country: United Kingdom

Hands down the world’s biggest and best tabloid, the UK’s The Sun is the second biggest-selling newspaper in Europe. And their Page 3 girls are the cream of the crop. Models that got their start in Page 3 include Jakki Degg, Sophie Howard, Lucy Pinder, Michelle Marsh and Keely Hazell, just to name a few.  Basically, the next time you find a hot, busty model from England, chances are damn good her success (and your boner) are all thanks to The Sun.

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