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The 10 Most Awesome Old School Nickelodeon Theme Songs



One of my favorite things about growing up in the 1990’s were the Nickelodeon shows. Freg-face, Artie…the strongest man in the world, Linda Ellerbee, the Orange SNICK couch, Alex Mack’s hot ass…there are very few things in life that pump me up more than reminiscing about old school Nick. Running off the school bus to sit down in front of the TV for hours, Saturday nights spent watching Snick..ahh the good old days.

Below we’re going to send you on a trip down memory line with Top 10 Most Awesome Old School Nickelodeon Theme Songs. Unfortunately since this is a top 10 list we had to cut out a few classics but non the less this list is going to be a top for any old school Nick fans.

Salute Your Shorts

Nick Air Dates: 1991-1998

Written by: Ed Alton

The Ren & Stimpy Show

Nick Air Dates: 1991-1997

Written by: Alexander Rannie

The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Nick Air Dates: 1993-1998

“Hey Sandy” written by Polaris

You Can’t Do That on Television

Nick Air Dates: 1981 – 1994

Written by: The National Press Club and Allied Workers Jazz Band

Mr. Wizard’s World

Nick Air Dates: 1990

Written by: Paul Zaza


Nick Air Dates: 1991-2003

Written by: Fred Newman and Dan Sawyer

All That

Nick Air Dates: 1994 – 2006

“All That” written/performed by TLC

Notes: See what Amanda Bynes looks like now!

Eureeka’s Castle

Nick Air Dates: 1989-1996

Inspector Gadget

Nick Air Dates: 1987-1992

Written by: Shuki Levy and Haim Saban

Hey Dude

Nick Air Dates: 1989-1999

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