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A New Kind of Green Beer



Despite the fact that we’re in the process of smothering Mother Earth with a handkerchief soaked in CO2 and oil, the whole “going green” thing seems to be taking a hell of a lot longer than one might guess, considering the consequences. But that’s all about to change with a new, ingenious way to make beer.

German scientist, Wolfgang Bengel has created steam boilers that burn off the excess grain waste produced from beer production, which produces clean, renewable energy right along side the frothy brew. In addition, BMP Biomasse Projekt, of which Bengel is the technical director, created a “system for effective anaerobic (oxygen-free) treatment of waste water from breweries.”

Combined, these two systems create a system of beer production that allows them to “reduce their environmental footprints, as well as cut operating costs… [by] recycling their brewing waste into a biofuel source; slashing the amount of grain waste trucked out of their facilities; and ultimately using less energy overall.”

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  • COED Writer