Tim Tebow Begins His Final Year As A Gator

Florida Atlantic Florida FootballIt is July on the Florida campus, which means by the time you walk from your car to the football building you need a towel and a sweet tea. The word “languid” comes to mind. Coach Urban Meyer’s office is dark, its occupant stealing the last moments of summer on a coach’s calendar.

And then Tim Tebow bounds up the stairs after a noontime workout. It is July on the Florida campus, but the word “languid” never applies to Tebow. He is wearing a black Gators T-shirt, shorts, blue and orange Crocs and a summer beard.

Not that the 6-foot-3, 240-pound Tebow ever resembled a fuzzy-cheeked boy, but the beard is a subtle visual cue that one of the (already) memorable careers in the history of the game has begun its final year.

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