The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 Cast

rashad-evans-rampage-jackson-tufIt is time for “Black-on-Black” violence in The Ultimate Fighter, as Rampage Jackson so eloquently put it. The upcoming season will be one of the highest rated ever, with the cast listing that has been put together.

Sure, it features Rashaad Evans and Rampage as the coaches. Hopefully this time around, Rampage can keep from starting a high-speed car chase in his custom truck with his face and sponsors plastered on the side.

Unlike Brock Lesnar and his inability to grasp hype from his fragile little ego, however, the smack talk between Rampage and Rashaad is OBVIOUSLY part of the show. Rashaad throws out legit smack and then Rampage says something that just makes you laugh. They look like 2 guys who get in each others’ face, and then one of them cracks up causing both to laugh their asses to the bank.

The cast list for season 10 is pretty brilliant, with some standing out a little better than others. The obvious Kimbo Slice, but others more of a snicker than a gasp.

  • Zak Jensen: Standout wrestler at Augsburg College (I don’t know where that is either)
  • Marcus Jones: Former 1st round NFL draft pick who had a six-year career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Scott Junk: Division II All-American football player at Southwest Oklahoma State and fought in UFC 76.
  • James McSweeney: Former international kickboxing and Muay Thai champion (International Bad Ass)
  • John Madsen: Defeated Brock Lesnar in a high school wrestling match (Yeah…too bad we aren’t still in high school)
  • Matt Mitrione: Played for New York Giants and Minnesota Vikings
  • Roy Nelson: Former IFL Heavyweight Champion
  • Demico Rogers: High school football and wrestling star
  • Brendan Schaub: Played for Buffalo Bills and Arena Football’s Utah Blaze
  • Darrill Schoonover: Decorated Army veteran (Will be rooting for this dude, but doesn’t have much of a chance)
  • Wes Shivers: Former member of the Tennessee Titans and Atlanta Falcons
  • Wes Sims: Fought two heated battles with former UFC champ Frank Mir at UFC 43 and UFC 46
  • Kimbo Slice: Former EliteXC heavyweight contender (Press release says “YouTube Sensation,” but I had to cut that out)
  • Abe Wagner: Played linebacker at Michigan Tech and has a degree in mechanical engineering (If the house has electrical issues, he will be the man)
  • Mike Wessel: UFC veteran and former strength and conditioning coach at University of Arkansas
  • Justin Wren: All-American high school wrestler
  • 10678531520930918