Hayden Panettiere and the Week That Was: July 6th – 10th


Sweet mother of God, is Hayden Panettiere not the hottest little cutie you’ve ever seen or what? A sizzling combination of sporty and sexy, Hayden manages to be ultra fly without having to do anything but show up. And this shoot with Details has to be, hands down, the hottest shoot of her’s we’ve seen yet. In fact, it’s so hot, we can almost overlook the fact that it’s F’ing impossible to spell her last name correctly. Come to think of it, when she’s looking this smokin’, we could overlook pretty much anything.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

boob-grab-leadGorgeous Girls Grabbing Boobs

Damn, girls are awesome, aren’t they?

I mean, they’re soft, they smell good, and when the get drunk they seem to all start groping each other like they’re at a Caligula party. Like most things with women, we have no idea why they do it. Maybe it’s for attention, maybe it’s just because boobs are freakin’ awesome. But who cares? With pics like these, everybody wins!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Statue105 Counts of Statue-tory Rape (a.k.a Statue Groping)

In the dark, dank pit of perversion that is the human psyched, nuzzled somewhere between necrophilia and jerking off with your left hand, sits the strange desire to do horrible, disrespectful things to statues. Something about their inanimate, helpless nature seems to bring out the rapist in even the most virtuous among us. And if you ask us, that’s f**king hilarious. Posting pics of this was a big trend online two or three years ago, but that’s an eternity in Internet years, so we thought it was time for a comeback, revitalized with a massive compilation of the wickedest statue-touching we could find.

Miss-COED-Lead-JulyMiss COED July 2009: Final Four

Gentlemen, thousands of you have voted for Miss COED July 2009, and now we’ve narrowed it down to the Final Four.

Heading-up the final round of voting is the smokin’ Jersey babe, Nicole Pietrontone. Next up, Floridian super hottie, Stevie Lynn Clark, followed by blonde stunner Brooke Banx and the ridiculously sexy City girl Maria Venus! So get to voting for your favorite Miss COED of May 2009 and the winner will be announced on Monday!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sweet-Ass-Entourage-leadSweet Ass Entourage

This Sunday, July 12 marks the premier of season 6 of the HBO hit series, Entourage.

While this show has pretty much everything going for it, one thing it has in abundance is ridiculously smokin’ hot chicks. So we thought we’d combine two awesome things – Sweet Ass Tuesday and the lovely ladies of Entourage – to give you hands down one hottest things you’ll ever see: Sweet Ass Entourage. Don’t worry, you can thank us later.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tour-de-France-leadLe Tour de Femmes: Babes on Bicycles

The Tour de France is currently underway, with star cyclist Lance Armstrong making his attempt to snag yet another yellow jersey and the TdF title for the eighth time. However, despite all of Lance Armstrong’s heroic awesomeness, he is not a naked woman. So to make up for that unfortunate fact, we’ve put together a skintastic collection of sexy babes on bicycles, many of whom seem to be completely naked. Why anyone would want to ride a bike naked, we have no clue. But we’re sure happy these lovely ladies do!

Monday, July 6, 2009

NYDB-leadHow to Not Be a Douchebag New Yorker in NYC

New York City – home to every type of person you can imagine, all crammed on top of each other into an area 1/10th the size of Los Angeles. Because of this denseness and the swath of humanity living within its borders, from immigrants and working Joes to crackheads to the richest people on the planet, surviving in New York as an average person is hard. It’s hard to get around, hard to pay for rent – and hard to keep from going postal every 10 minutes because of some douchebag you run into on the way to work. So, as a follow-up to “How to Not Be a Douchebag Tourist in NYC,” here are a few things to remember when living in New York, to help keep the gears of this great city moving (and to keep someone from punching you in the face.)

Tube-socks-lead60 Sexy Tube Sock Girls

If silk stockings make a woman look elegantly sexy, then tube socks are stockings’ hot younger sister.

There’s just something about seeing a girl with her socks pulled up past the knee that drives a man wild. So to honor these cotton-clad cuties, we’ve put together a staggeringly smokin’ collection of 60 Sexy Tube Socks Girls for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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