Brock Lesnar Acted Like a Classless Punk


Brock beat up Frank Mir something pretty bad.

He THEN proceeded to: threaten ring security, flip off the crowd, curse and scream at his defeated opponent, and yell “F@$k you in the ass” to Frank Mir’s family. Even in the interview, as he received loud boos for being EVERYTHING that the MMA sport has worked to prevent, we kept saying that he loved the boos.

Hey Brock, you are not in the WWE anymore. You are not fighting Papa Shongo. You, in one night, set the MMA world back 10 years. Brock is everything that no one wanted to see in MMA, a big burly white trash over-steroided douchebag who has no respect for the discipline and sport of martial arts.

Go home Brock. Bang your 50 year old-looking wanna-be stripper wife, and go back to WWE. You are going to ruin a sport that has worked too hard to get where it is. Even Kimbo had better ring generalship and respect for the sport.

Please go ride your Harley without a helmet. I never thought I would say this, but hopefully Kimbo gets through TUF and brings some class back to the heavy weights.


By now, everyone has had time to cool off, yours truly included. It is important to note several things. Brock has apologized, though half-hearted and a little more of a business apology than a personal one. We also received a phone call claiming potential defamation from Brock Lesnar’s people. Charming.

The facts are plain and simple. Before every fight, the participants are asked inflammatory interview questions. It is designed to inspire the casual MMA fan to fork over $44 USD for the PPV broadcast. No fight, could have POSSIBLY had badder blood than more smack than the last Tito Ortiz/Ken Shamrock fight. Hands down, no arguments. At the end of that fight, after some mild showmanship from Tito – nothing campared to Brock’s hissy fit, Tito and Ken hugged and spoke well of each other. Whatever drama the Lesnar camp is referring to, when they speak of Frank Mir’s comments, can only shadow in comparison in the aforementioned press sh*t-show. Frank Mir made comments and Brock Lesnar made comments. Brock won by face-smashing. The other facts are that Brock would note touch gloves at the beginning of the fight – ok I guess. At the end of the fight, Brock: flipped off the crowd, violated sponsorship agreements, got in Mir’s bloody face and yelled at his family. These are facts.

To flip off a crowd that paid money to see you fight and to get in your downed opponent’s face – is unsportsmanlike and classless.

To act like a spoiled child (though a 300lb child) and stomp around the ring because you “aren’t getting the respect you deserve” – makes you a punk.

Respect is earned. Yes Brock Lesnar, you hold the title. You have also fought under 10 fights. At 10 fights, you can make the respect argument. In the meantime, wave to the crowd, please the sponsors, shake hands and kiss Dana White’s ass for handing you the UFC Heavyweight title. You have defended well so far, but wait for 10 fights and respect will come.

Oh yeah, threats for calling you a classless punk when it is justified…not a good start.

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