The Twitter Guide Book Will Show You the Way


Twitter. It’s everywhere, from CNN to your cell phone. The service currently receives around 35 million visitors a month. And with it’s role in the uprising in Iran, that number is sure to go up. But despite its exploding popularity, the social networking Site remains somewhat of a mystery to new and not-yet users. Even daily users must studiously learn the protocols and ediquette of the service. And learning about tweets and retweets, @ replies, direct messages and who to follow has been a matter of trial and error. Until now.

Luckily for us “tweeple” (if I ever use that word again, you all have permission to punch me in the face), has compiled the “Twitter Guide Book”, which answers all your Twitter queries with ease. Now, everything from answering the simple question, “What is Twitter?” to tips for building up your Twitter community to finding a job using the Site are all in one simple, easy to use place.

Check out the Twitter Guide Book, here!

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