Brace Yourself Boston: Papelbon in Pinstripes?

jonathan-papelbon-leadIn a recent Sirius XM radio interview, Boston Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon admitted that he will sign “not only the Bronx, but anywhere, I think anywhere is a possibility,” in 2011 if the Sox choose not to retain him over the long haul. While hearing this may send shivers down the spine of Red Sox Nation, don’t be too quick to dismiss these words unleashed by the talented fireballer.

Wade Boggs was a legendary member of Boston baseball, until he was seen riding a horse at the end of the 1996 World Series celebration in New York. One of the greatest pitchers of all time made his name (and nickname) in Boston, but then Roger “Rocket” Clemens was getting fitted for a World Series ring in the Bronx. And worst of all, no one ever thought that team catalyst and primary spark for the 2004 Curse-killing Sox would ever don the pinstripes, but look where Mr. Johnny Damon is now. It’s gotten to the point where everyone almost expected Manny Ramirez to head back east and join the Yanks.

So, while Papelbon has been known for throwing out many random idiotic statements in the past (see: his belief that he should close the All Star Game in Yankee Stadium last year over Mariano Rivera), don’t turn a blind eye to this bone-jarring statement, because with Rivera heading toward age 40 and the Yanks still fishing for their next closer, Papelbon’s prophecy just might come true.

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