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Top 5 Gnarliest College Drinks Known To Man


gl_shot_glass_color_lgThe world is full of rough drinks. As most of us can attest to, we’ve all been at “that point” – the point where you only have cheap alcohol and hardly anything to mix it with. These are the drinks that put hair on your chest and gravel in your voice.  You got to be like the MacGuyver of alcohol there for a little while. Or maybe you still are.

And they’re also the most thoroughly fun to make, too. There’s nothing – absolutely nothing – more aggravating than a bartender (or “mixologist”) that takes themselves too seriously. While I love a well made Jack & Coke, I also enjoy the weird drinks that only three guys know to make. Guys with scars and beards and stories – not some white collar jackass who took a class on bar-tending at the YMCA.

Check out 5 Gnarliest College Drinks Known To Man!

COED Writer