FTC Finally Kills ‘Extended Warranty’ RoboCall A-Holes

Well, it’s about g*ddamn time.

Like many Americans, we here at COED have been constantly harassed for the past year, countless times a day, by robocalls announcing that ‘the warranty on your vehicle is about to expire’. They called our office lines and our cellphones. Time and again, we pressed ‘1’ to speak to a “warranty specialist”, connecting us to some a**hole in a call center somewhere, who we asked to remove our names from the list. We also asked for the name of the company making the calls, where they were located, why the f**k they had the right to call us, endlessly. We were never removed from the list – and they never had any answers. But now, they’re totally screwed.

Friday, ArsTechnica.com reported that the Federal Trade Commission has finally gone berserk on these illegal companies, putting an end to their punkass ways.

Thirty thousand people with more initiative than I possess managed to dig up the real numbers of the telemarketing firm behind the calls, and they complained to the FTC, which yesterday went nuclear on the alleged perpetrators. The government filed a federal lawsuit in Chicago asking for a restraining order against the companies involved, an asset freeze against the defendants, and a court-appointed receiver who could take over their businesses. The FTC seeks to claw back all of the money made by the firms, planning to use it for “consumer redress.” [via arstechnica]

So good riddance, sh*theads. We’re thrilled to see you go.

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