Google FAILs – Everybody Panic!


Early Thursday morning, Google News shutdown for hours before coming back online with a new feature – little YouTube thumbnails next to news stories. When clicked, users were taken to YouTube news videos. Cool, I guess. But it seems as though these changes caused a worldwide Google sh!tstorm never before seen – Google search wouldn’t load, nor YouTube, nor any Site running Google ads. Basically, half the damn Internet was down for the count. It’s like their servers caught the Google flu.

Needless to say, we started freaking out – along with everybody else. It was so bad, we even used Yahoo search for the first time in years. And while the outages only lasted a little more than an hour, it made us realize exactly how totally and completely f**ked everything would be if Google really went down for any significant amount of time. Kinda makes that whole ‘Internet monopoly’ investigation seem a bit more important, wouldn’t you say?

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